Yankees 11 VS Red Sox 5


Injury Bug Continues to Bite, Yankees Steamroll Boston


Savage. The Yankees lived up to their name once again, absolutely crushing the Red Sox once again. While the Yankees rivals are nowhere near the competition we’re used to seeing, it’s always nice to pull out a win against them.


James Paxton was the starter tonight and while he had an up and down game, overall, he was good enough for the victory, his first of the year. While he wasn’t dominating, “Big Maple” is looking like he’s shaking off the rust more and more as the season goes on. Paxton was provided plenty of run support early and often in this one as the Boston pitchers could not fool anyone, and it was a great sight to see as the boys in the Bronx lost their two biggest bombers this past week in Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge. It wasn’t all roses and sunshine though as DJ LeMahieu departed early with a left thumb sprain. This is another brutal blow for a loaded lineup as the infielder has been our most consistent hitter since he put on the pinstripes.


Speaking of consistency, let’s talk about Gio Urshela. Since stealing Miguel Andujar’s job last year, Gio has continued to prove that he’s a Gold Glove-caliber third baseman and his hitting is for real. He’s incredibly clutch, he’s reliable, and he’s a ton of fun to watch. I hope to see him at the hot corner as a Yankee for years to come as he got the scoring started tonight with a two-run home run over the right field fence. Though the injuries continue to pile up, this stacked lineup doesn’t seem to skip a beat. Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres are getting hot just at the right time and Clint Frazier is proving every day that he should’ve been with the club much earlier, reaching base in all four of his plate appearances with three hits (one of which was a home run) and five RBIs. Since being called up, “Red Thunder” has been lighting the stat-sheet on fire, accumulating seven hits and eight runs batted in, in just three games, compared to Andujar, who just didn’t appear ready for the start of this season, amassing one hit in his first 14 tries. Frazier is proving his many critics wrong, and I absolutely love watching it as a longtime fan of his. His attitude has been top notch in interviews, his defense has been very solid, and his bat speaks for itself. While it’s nearly impossible to replicate Aaron Judge’s MVP level of play this season, that’s exactly what Clint has done thus far.


Even though COVID-19 continues to loom over this season, it would appear Major League Baseball is poised to continue, and the Yankees have been as advertised, winning with great consistency. J.A. Happ is expected to start tomorrow night against the Sox, with Chris Mazza making his first MLB start. Hopefully, the Yankee offense can continue its torrid run scoring pace, and Happ can give the team some quality innings. He’s struggled in all of his appearances so far, resulting in his most recent start being skipped in favor of Jordan Montgomery. If he continues to falter, I don’t see any reason aside from time service manipulation that we don’t see top prospect Clarke Schmidt make his debut. He looked more than capable of helping this team win right now in camp. The Yankees are in a great place despite these recent injuries and they look very intelligent for keeping their depth intact instead of making a trade.




1- fly out (1), hit (1) single, hit (2) single, fly out (2), ground out (1)

2- ground out (2), K (1) swinging, ground out (3)

3- walk (1), fly out (3), hit (3) double, hit (4) 2 RBI single [2-2] out at second, hit (5) solo HR [2-3], line out (1)

4- ground out (4), fly out (4), hit (6) infield single, fly out (5)

5- K (2) swinging, ground out (5), fly out (6)



6- fly out (1), K (1) swinging, hit (1) single, ground out (1)



7- hit (1) single, fly out (1), ground out (1), ground out (2)



8- K (1) swinging, ground out (1), K (2) swinging

9- hit (1) solo HR [11-4], hit (2) single, fly out (1), ground out (2), hit (3) RBI triple [11-5], ground out (3)


DJ LEMAHIEU (0-3)- ground out, ground out, ground out


TYLER WADE (1-2 RBI)- RBI double [8-3], K swinging,


LUKE VOIT (1-5 R)- single, K looking, ground out, K looking, K looking


MIKE FORD (0-5)- K swinging, line out, ground out, fly out, K swinging


GIO URSHELA (1-4 HR 2 RBI 2R)- 2 run HR [2-0], fly out, ground out, K swinging {reached on wild pitch},

Staple in the lineup

Durable, reliable and consistent both offensively and defensively


THAIRO ESTRADA (0-1)- pop out


GLEYBER TORRES (2-4 R)- ground out, single, single, fly out


MIKE TAUCHMAN (1-3 3R)- fly out, fielder’s choice, double, BB


GARY SANCHEZ (1-3 HR 2RBI 2R)- foul out, 2 run HR [4-3], K swinging, hit by pitch

Heating up at the right time


CLINT FRAZIER (3-3 HR 5RBI R)- BB, double, 3 run HR [7-3], 2RBI single [10-3]

Responding to critics

Great defense

Quickly become a valuable asset

Most impressive player on the field at the moment


BRETT GARDNER (1-2 RBI R SB)- fly out, BB, double, sac fly [11-3]

Stole third base

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